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Open, fair and inclusive decision making structures

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If humanity is to survive, we need a shared vision for the future. We call on our governments to cooperate - with each other - but also with civil society. Time is running out, urgent transformations are needed, but political will is lacking.

With your help we can grow a global civil society movement and press governments to adopt inclusive decision-making structures based on principles of fairness and transparency.

Ahead of the 2020 world summit to mark the UN’s 75th anniversary, Together First will work with its coalition to identify and advocate improvements consistent with these values.

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If humanity is to survive, we need a shared vision for the future, greater cooperation and urgent action to tackle global problems.

We call on our governments to be better. Time is running out, changes must be made, and with your help we can grow a global public movement to ensure lasting and meaningful reform.

Our belief is that through global collaboration and consultation we can work to petition a transformation in global governance at the World Summit in 2020 – the UN’s 75th anniversary.

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